Fabian Gundlach

Email: FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME@uni-paderborn.de

I am a postdoc at Paderborn University. Before that, I was a Benjamin Peirce Fellow and then a Lecturer at Harvard University. My PhD thesis, supervised by Manjul Bhargava, was on parametrizations of field and ring extensions.


Spring 2018
Linear Algebra with Applications
Fall 2019
Math 21a (Multivariable Calculus)
Math 223a (Algebraic Number Theory)
Spring 2020
Math 286X (Arithmetic Statistics)
Fall 2020
Math 223a (Algebraic Number Theory)
Spring 2021
Math 137 (Algebraic Geometry)
Math 223b (Algebraic Number Theory)
Fall 2021
Math 228Y (Algorithms in Algebra and Number Theory)
Spring 2022
Math 137 (Algebraic Geometry)
Math 229 (Introduction to Analytic Number Theory)
Fall 2022
Math 21a (Multivariable Calculus)
Spring 2023
Math 21a (Multivariable Calculus)
Math 280Y (Arithmetic Statistics)


Research Interests

Algebra, Number Theory (algebraic, analytic, and computational), Arithmetic Geometry, Geometry of Numbers, Combinatorics

Publications and Preprints

My bachelor's and master's and doctoral theses.


In this series, I plan to upload very short introductions to beautiful mathematical ideas and subjects. The goal is to skip over as much detail as possible, while providing a range of motivational examples and outlining the underlying ideas.